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Product Feedback & Ideas
Product Feedback & Ideas
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Routines are here!

๐Ÿ›Ž PING! What was that? Your phone buzzing to let you know that the price of your favourite asset has just dropped? Or that you've just hit a savings goal? Or that your #high-risk investments are now over 5% o... (More)

Mutual funds

Would be nice to add mutual funds to your list of assets.

Per asset currency

There are some assets I think about in different currencies. My accounts in Europe I think about them in Euros. Some ETH tokens (i found them in the list! awesome) I think about in USD. I would love a way... (More)

Profit and loss reporting

Hi, community! I want to get your input about how you'd like us to do simple profit/loss reporting.

Reporting on whether your investments are making a profit is one of the features you've asked us for the most. Long-term, we'd... (More)