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General updates about all things Lettuce and updates about our product roadmap, business plans, etc. 

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Of virtual hangouts and online communities (May 2020 update)

Take a breath, folks: we've made it through 39% of 2020. Although I think we all agree that this year doesn't really count, right?

Here in Lettuce-land, we've been hard at work (from our kitchen tables/couches/home-offices) on some things we're... (More)


Wanted: Design Freelancer with a knack for simplifying complex UIs

We're looking for a design freelancer to help us make Lettuce even more fun/beautiful/simple/bunnylicious. We'd LOVE to find someone through our community. Please forward this job ad to anyone who might be up for the task:

Arugula - Lettuce's focus for the next 6 weeks

Arugula: 18 May - 26 June 2020

We're trying something new at Lettuce: challenging ourselves to focus on just a handful of projects over a 6 week period. We hope that this time and focus constraint will be energizing for... (More)

What's up next for Lettuce?

We're putting the finishing touches on version 3.0 of the app, our major rewrite of the app to make it slicker, faster and more reliable. Beta Testers, expect to have this in your hands soon!

The major difference you'll see... (More)