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General updates about all things Lettuce and updates about our product roadmap, business plans, etc. 

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Rocket: our focus for the next 6 weeks

Rocket: 13 July - 28 August 2020

We're kicking off our next sprint for the year, and I'm excited to tell you about what we've got planned.

Rather than adding the features that you already expect from a portfolio tracking... (More)

Introducing... Lettuce Subscriptions!

Hello, friends of Lettuce!

Want a bigger say in what features we build next? Want nifty new features before anyone else? Want our UNDYING LOVE and eternal gratitude? From today, you can support our work by signing up for a... (More)


Wanted: Design Freelancer with a knack for simplifying complex UIs

We're looking for a design freelancer to help us make Lettuce even more fun/beautiful/simple/bunnylicious. We'd LOVE to find someone through our community. Please forward this job ad to anyone who might be up for the task: