Last month, we decided to try an experiment in running a 6 week cycle with just three big focus areas. We nicknamed our first cycle "Arugula" (a very delicious type of Lettuce), and it's coming to an end on the 28th of June. Overall, it's gone really well! We're going to take 2 weeks to fix bugs and regroup before we start our next cycle (which we're calling "Rocket", another delicious type of Lettuce).

Options we're considering for Rocket focus areas include:

  • Showing you the profit and loss on your investments (you can take a look at some mockups for this feature)
  • Smarter rounding rules so that you can see more decimal places on your accounts
  • The ability to share your portfolio with other people, like a spouse or financial manager
  • Linking your brokerage/investment accounts so that Lettuce can keep your balances up to date automatically
  • Basic alerts to tell you about asset prices or account values

We want to focus on the features that matter most to you. So, what would you like us to focus on, community?