Friends, it's been a strange time. As the coronavirus has put most of the world under lockdown and global markets have taken a nosedive, we've all had to learn how to do everything a bit differently, and how to keep going when the world feels more full of uncertainty than ever before.

We're in the extremely fortunate position where our business has been largely unaffected by the crisis, in direct terms. Lettuce has always been a fully distributed team, so our processes and tools are all already set up for the team to work from home (our team has also been bonding over a multiplayer factory-building game called Mindustry). We've got enough funding to see us through the next several months. At a time when so many people around the world are having to keep an even closer eye on their finances than before, our product still feels relevant and important.

But our priority during this time has been to look after our team, who are all processing personal anxiety and disruptive change. So, we've made a conscious decision to slow down a little over the coming months.

Practically, this means:

  • Instead of pushing to release new features, we're making space for improving our existing codebase, taking time to learn new skills, and improving our ways of working.
  • We've decided to postpone our Crowdcube fundraising round by a few months.

We are still going to release version 3.0 of the app some time in the next few weeks, which is going to allow you to create an account, store your data securely, and sync your data across devices. But our releases will be less frequent over the next few months than they were in the past. Please be patient with us, and know that we're still hard at work behind the scenes.

We're playing the long game, and we know that the wellbeing of our team is the most important asset that we have. We are so proud of every single person in our business, and how positive and motivated they have all remained through this difficult time. We're proud of the product we've built already and excited about the features we're building next.

And we're also grateful to you, our community, for being the reason our business exists, and is in such a good position to withstand this crisis. We feel extraordinarily lucky. We hope that, wherever you are, you and your loved ones are well, and finding peace and connection through a multiplayer video game of your own.