Is it true that "shiitake Ready to deliver funSLOTdelivery 24 hours with modern 3D slot games. There are more than 800 games to choose from. Can't play? Try playing slots for free. Support both Thai language. and English Ea mushroom soaking water" is forbidden to cook?


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Who has heard of Mushroom Soup Do not use for cooking Because there may be residues that may be harmful to the body or not. how are the facts


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesada Denduangboriban Lecturer at Department of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University Provide information in the program "Sure or share randomly" EP. 65 episode "TRF warns you not to bring shiitake mushroom soaking water to cook, is it true?" in the mushroom soaking water “Contaminated with carbon disulfide was found. used to clean rust Skin contact causes severe irritation. If given in large quantities can cause respiratory failure. accumulated in the body for a long time resulting in nervous breakdown It's not true. Because there is no evidence to confirm that there is contamination of the substance. carbon disulfide in dried shiitake mushrooms. In addition, from searching for news about chemical residues contaminating in dried shiitake mushrooms sold in Thailand, we Find news that smart magazines buy. Carbendazim antifungal residues in dried shiitake mushrooms were detected in 13 samples, one sample was found to be above the required standard (i.e., not more than 0.1 mg/kg) and arsenic contaminants were found. In 5 samples of dried shiitake mushrooms, the amount of contamination was very low. does not exceed the standards of the Ministry of Public Health



In addition, Assoc. Prof. Suchata Chinachit, assistant director of the Office of Research Fund (TRF) said that carbon disulfide is a chemical that is actually used in various industries and is dangerous. Yes, if you accept a lot in which in the agricultural sector It used to be used to fumigate grains and kill insects. but believe that it has been discontinued


Therefore, it can be concluded that There is no evidence of carbon disulfide contamination. in dried shiitake mushrooms, but Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesada concluded that if anyone is worried about other chemicals that may be contaminated can soak the mushrooms in water and can be discarded as suggested