Hello, friends of Lettuce!

Want a bigger say in what features we build next? Want nifty new features before anyone else? Want our UNDYING LOVE and eternal gratitude? From today, you can support our work by signing up for a Lettuce subscription, to help us build the investment app of your dreams 

How we run our business has always been as important to us as what we’re building. We want Lettuce to be a sustainable business that delivers value to its users. We’re fans of businesses that are committed to being rewarded for creating value, and not building for a quick exit.

Subscriptions are a big part of that. As a business model, subscriptions are simple and ethical: we make a profit when you find our product valuable; that's it. Retention over acquisition, predictable revenue over investor hype. No selling your data, no feeding you ads or getting affiliate fees on referring products to you. We're building a long-term business, and we want to build a trusting relationship with the people who love our product and believe in our vision. That, we hope, is some of you!

In time, we'll be creating a lot of subscriber-only features. Two that we're working on right now include:

  • Multiple portfolios: create different portfolios to split up asset types, investments in different currencies, or however else you like to think about your financial world.
  • Account linking: keep your balances up to date automatically by linking Lettuce directly with your favourite investment platforms.

But these features aren't ready yet. So if you subscribe today, you'd really be doing so mostly as a show of faith in us.

Early subscribers are those of you who most understand our long term vision, who really get us, who want to be a part of that journey. We think of you - our earliest community members - as like our wise council of elders who guide our decisions, which means that we want to spend more time talking to you and finding out how we can shape Lettuce into the product YOU want it to be. We'll be doing that through regular video chats that early subscribers will be invited to. And when the world opens up again, we'd love to do some in-person hangouts, too.

Simon Dingle, our CEO, recently wrote a piece on our blog that explains why we built Lettuce, and what we hope it will become in the future.

Modern investors have diverse, global portfolios that include digital assets, equities, commodities, funds, and other things, but are stuck with spreadsheets for keeping track of everything, and laborious manual processes for moving money around. What we wanted was an IFTTT for money. Something that would track all our assets, allow us to set rules for how we invest, and place our portfolios on autopilot.

Today Lettuce is a humble portfolio-tracking app. Tomorrow we want it to give you superpowers.

We're so grateful to you for believing in this crazy plan of ours, and coming on this wild ride with us, and for supporting what we do. You can find Subscriptions in the sidebar menu in the app. We'd love to see you sign up.

With thanks,