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Our community decides what features we build. Help us build the investment app of YOUR dreams.

Welcome to the Lettuce community

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Sam followed 2 months ago
Welcome to the start of the Lettuce community hub! We are excited to explore, share and connect with you and hope that you will find value in connecting with the Lettuce team and each other. Start a conversation, ask a... (More)
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Sam liked a reply 11 days ago

What would you like Lettuce to focus on next?

Last month, we decided to try an experiment in running a 6 week cycle with just three big focus areas. We nicknamed our first cycle "Arugula" (a very delicious type of Lettuce), and it's coming to an end on... (More)

Sam replied 15 days ago

Profit and loss reporting

Hi, community! I want to get your input about how you'd like us to do simple profit/loss reporting.

Reporting on whether your investments are making a profit is one of the features you've asked us for the most. Long-term, we'd... (More)